Back at work this week, so only one or two tournaments a day. Got an iPad mini for my birthday, which turned out to be quite liberating for playing PokerStars - first, you're not constrained to many hours at your desk as you fold and fold and fold and wait for all the crazy people to leave, and second, it's actually less distracting to have just the one thing open in front of you, and not two monitors with various games, Facebook, and instant messaging. 

So last night I played PSO on the iPad and it went rather well. Finished 800th or so, getting me about 20 points on the league. Today I played on the PC but did equally well, finishing about 500th.

Probably all thanks to these two hands:

I tried to remember to re-raise QQ - something I'm usually way too scared to do and it paid off. But I'm sure someone on the comments will say I could have played it better

This one I should have folded but it was dinner time and I was in the 'points' already, silly reason but I'm going with it.

The result of tonight's game should move be back into the top 1000 of the league. Now, to try and make it top 500th by the end of the month (which is actually next week!). 

One cool thing about the PSO League is that it's very strong bell-shaped curve. There are toooons of people at 1500 points because that's what you start with. So all those people that sign up and never play or play just a few games stay there, clogging the centre; getting even to 1550 points shoots you up about 3000 people. Getting above 1900 puts you into top 1000 (out of 90,000 people!). And to get to 1900 equates to "win about 2-3 monster hands and fold a lot" - finishing top 1000 in a tournament consistently is enough. I enjoy this - it's achievable. 

Oh and I managed to quintuple my 1,000 play chips on a game of zoom, but what's more impressive is that I managed to force myself to leave the table at that point. Even though play money is worth nothing, somehow having more than the starting amount makes it seem worth more.