I've registered for the next freeroll in the league, coming up in 12 minutes. I'll live-blog this as I go and save when I'm done with the tournament. It appears that all blog posts are moderated, so I wonder who's got the time to read all these to approve them? Must be a busy job!

So anyhow, after reheating a chicken curry (low-carb, no rice), and getting a new drink (boiling hot today, 40C outside, 26C inside), I settle in for what will be a slow grind. 

It is now 8 minutes into the tournament and the total entrants maxed out at 10,000 through late registration, but already only 7,100 people are left in the game. The counter of "currently playing" is moving very quickly. As I finish typing this sentence, the number is now 6,800!

Another kiwi at my table and we chat about the sunshine and his fishing adventures (well, he tells me got a 20 lb snapper this morning and I have no idea how to respond). 

A lot of folding so far. One guy went all-in four times in a row and now is the top stack at the table. Calling all-ins this early is playing with fire, so I fold.

The all-ins continue and finally his luck comes to an end, he's out!

I looked him up in the league and he's ranked over 90,000 after five games. I guess he plays like that all the time then! As explained in the PSO League Stategy tutorial, it's pretty hard to be below 1500 points, but he managed. 

I check out my table again, one guy is sitting at 190 BB, I'm in trouble. All calls are being met by an all-in, but I don't want to tussle. I find this kind of play very hard to deal with.

I have only 9 BB left and people are still going all-in on every hand. There are now 3440 people left. With my current league standing, I have to finish within top 1000 to not lose points. This isn't going well. Haven't had any decent hands. Time to activate the less than 10 BB playing strategy that I wrote down from spacegravy. Once again 33 fails me. Though I'm realising I deviated from the strategy - in early position I should have been folding that hand. So I guess the loss is my punishment for not paying attention. Not to mention the strategy is for STT and I'm playing an MTT, which is why I didn't go all-in, but still it was terrible all around. 

I have nothing left so I go all-in with J7s and get beaten by ATo, both of which the villain pairs.

I finish in 3144th, which will cost me probably 18 points. Hopefully I can last out to the end of the month so I can still get my 50 c. The way I'm going now, I'm better off not playing