I have been playing poker online since about 2007 (according to the various shark-type sites). Mostly unsuccessfully, though I did have a string of good sit & go finishes when an online friend was coaching me. In the end, though, I had burnt through my initial deposit of $50 and didn't play again. Play money was kind of dull and everyone told me the game is completely different - no one plays by the rules when you can't lose something real. For a while, my online friends and I are had some home games going, I played those throughout 2011 but largely lost. 

In 2013, I got an email from Pokerstars that they'd give me $20 no strings attached if only I sign up with the revamped Full Tilt. I did this, although the strings were more attached than advertised - Full Tilt customer service was terrible and it took four days for me to get the reward. Then turns out I couldn't just transfer it to Pokerstars as advertised, I had to convert the "ticket" $20 into any sort of cash, in the of winnings. It seemed I did ok, as I managed to make $8, which I promptly transferred to Pokerstars. 

The $8 probably lasted me a week. Then I noticed the PSO adds and thought 'oh that sounds useful', so I signed up. To my dismay I didn't qualifiy for the bankroll builder as I had deposited money in the past, albeit years ago. I got my friend who's new to poker to sign up too - at least someone should earn this free cash! He's really into it now and is doing well on the PSO League even. It's great that we live together too - we can chat about strategy, and discuss the crazy all-ins at our respective tables.

I, meanwhile, spent all my time trying to climb the ranks of the PSO Open Skill League and do all the coursework on the site. I'm glad to say the hard work paid off (and STT quiz was very hard, I must have attempted it about 10 times). I have now made it into the cash prize of the league and have even managed to earn $2 in Bronze 10 FPP tournaments that are on every day. 

My results are up and down though, last four or so matches on PSO League, I really bombed. 

So my goals for this year are to get to a point where I can register and play $1.50 sit and go tournaments and place in the money at least 80% of the time. This would take care of the bankroll building itself. I don't feel confident enough to deposit again - seems that less money I have the better I do really. 

I am going back to work tomorrow, so won't be able to play BronzeStar FPP anymore and will only be able to play one Open League a day, but if all goes well that should be enough. 

There is currently also a NZ specific promotion, which is a weekly league, but the structure of the game is rather odd: http://www.pokerstars.net/poker/promotions/big-game-nz/ I won't be able to play all three a night anymore, but I will attempt to at least play two a day. 

Though I have noticed this week poker has eaten my life entirely, so when I go back to work, I might have to cut down on a couple of days, to make room for my other entertainment options, such as TV and other computer games. I have noticed, in particular, that WoW Raiding and Poker don't really mix, so might not be able to play then. Hopefully, though, if I get enough money, I'll start doing more sit and go tournaments and fewer 'take six hours to earn 90 cents' tournaments, which should free up some of the time.