Last night on 11/20 i played in a PCA freeroll. Freerolls are very difficult to play in if your a very serious poker player like I am. Players moving all in on the first 20 hands with cards like K9o, 84, I even saw a 72o shove in the opening hand! It's crazy, yea freerolls are a great way to get into the bigger tournaments that guarantee a decent amount, but you gotta survive at least the first hour to have a shot

Anyway i started the PCA around 1AM last night, i scratched and clawed my way to the top of the leader board with 11 players. I was on my top game, catching card after card after card.
Now, i don't think i would have made it, if i didn't catch lightening in a bottle, 4-handed i pick up AQ. At this point i have about 184K in chips, In 2nd and the chip leader is to my immediate left. I open raise 3 times the BB Blinds at 3/6k, i forget the antes. Open raise, Chip leader folds {Thank god} and action is around to the 3rd place stack. He open shoves all in,and the shorty folds.

It was at this time i took a few minutes. The only hands that beat me we AK AA KK and QQ. Even if he had a pair lower than QQ at best it was a con flip. My read was that because up until that point everyone was stealing pots without a real hand, i some how felt that was what he was doing in this scenario. After careful consideration...i call. He shows and he has...just what i feared, AK
358 on the flop. 3 on the turn. River....the Q of hearts.

When the Q hit the felt, i swear i almost had a panic attack. If i lost that hand, i would have been crippled down to under 70k and my ticket would have been given to someone else more than not.

I consider the play decent, but the call to put him at risk may have been hasty. But hey, It doesn't hurt to have lady luck sitting on your lap on the felt.

I have my ticket, and im going to register for the next PCA Final that won't conflict with my hockey game on Sunday.

But all and all...Do you think the AQ play was a good play?
Id love to get some views and opinions.