Hi Everyone,

this is my first blog and I am nervous to give you my stats to your judgement.

I am playing poker not first year, but only this year i decided to set specific goals and achieve them.

Now I am playing NL2 full ring cash game at Pokerstars.

From January 1st I started my journey to silverstar from 45man sit'n'go turbo 1.5$, but it wasn't as good as I thought, so I decided to play cash game NL2 9max.

Cash game I started with 55$ and now I have 11$ in Profit after 22K hands. I will show my stats of this period later. I have reached silverstar on 20 January.

At these days I am playing only 3-4 h a day after my official work hours and on a weekend I am  planning to play a little bite more.

I am planning to play 100K hands until end of March and then I will try to move to NL5.

After every poker session I will post how everything was going..