March 2011 was my first complete month at PSO. Thanks to the school, my game has greatly improved over the course of the month. I have had ups and downs, good days and bad days, but feel I am off to a pretty decent start. Looking forward to improving my play and venturing into some bigger money games.

Accomplishments for March:
  • Completed all of the offered courses
  • Studied using Live Training Videos, the Library and the Forums
  • Made the final table in 4 tournaments
  • Placed In The Money in 11 tournaments
  • Overall monthly rank in Women's Poker League (.10 Div) = 47, Points = 71 (Top points 140)
  • Played in 2 Knockout tournaments and knocked out more than enough people to pay Buy-In
  • Won one of three seats in Women's Sunday Satellite (5.50 sat)

Goals for April:
  • Continue education
  • Take better notes
  • Begin playing in PSO Skill League
  • Improve points in Women's Poker League (.10 Division) to 100
  • Commit to play in Women's Poker League (1.10 Division) and Rank in top 25 (83 points for March)
  • Continue to grow bankroll
  • Create spreadsheets to track growth