Well, I haven't posted in a couple days, but nothing exciting happening. Monday I spent the morning writing my article and then played in the WBCOOP PLO tournament. I was running okay untill I got a full house Aces over 5s, at which point I pushed all in, got called by a guy with 4s over 5s and he hit a 4 on the river for quads. Didn't play in a PSO that day, so basically stayed sitting at 1818 for the month.

Tuesday I played one PSO tournament, got a cash in it and waited until the WBCOOP NLHE to play again. Once again, running okay, got QQ vs 88 and he hit a 8 on the flop to knock me out of the tournament. So for now, I am just doing research, catching up on sleep, and avoiding the bad beats to kill my monthly score. I hope to have more good news soon, and I will see everyone on the tables.