Well, after having an awful weekend in PSO, I got back on track today towards attaining the ultimate goal of 1st place. I started the morning with a great AK that won, then got beat with an AA vs 66, in which he made a set. This got me a whole 1 point for the morning so I moved on to the 1pm tourney hoping for better hands with better results.

Well, got worse hands, think I may have only played about 9%, but when I got down low I played an A5 as my all-in hand, hit an A on the flop, and after a couple players dropped to a big bettor, saw I wass against another 66. Everything looked good until the river when BOOM, there it was again. My pair of Aces put out by trip 6s. This put me out, but got me 6 points for the tournament.

Moved on to the 3pm tourney, where more shovers made me play less hands, but I did win enough to stay in until the money, and went out when I put my 88 all-in vs AQ. Of course, since it wasn't in my hand, both the Ace and the Queen hit.

I have to say thank you to all of the players that played in my Home Game Deep Stack tourney on Saturday, and also to everyone who helped put on the Rock Tourney yesterday. These were great tournaments and a nice relief from the stress of losing points in the PSO.

Don't forget that my Weekly Update is now on the PSO Home Page, and I look forward to writing this every week.