Well, I couldn't sleep after i wrote my Blog, so I decided to play the 10 pm tournament.  Once again, for most of the tournament I couldn't get a hand or the cards to hit the flop. I did wind up winning a few hands that allowed me to stay in until the positive point range and I managed to pull out an almost cash finish. Of course, the hand that put me out gave the guy a flush on the river with 4 clubs showing on the board and one in his hand. Just the way the cards have been running today.

I did sit at  table with a newbiw, Hunt2Day, and we chatted a lot and he seems to have grasped the idea of the League and is making his move, Hunt, you did well, my friend, gaining another cash and moving your way up the leaderboard. We had an enjoyable time at the table and I encourage any new players, if you see someone that has been playing PSO for a while and is a good player, engage chat with them. Hunt , I believe is sincere about wanting to improve his game. He told me that he is normally a cash player and is using PSO to learn how to play Tournament Poker, and I believe that if he sticks with it, he will be okay.

Well, anyway, for some reason I am still awake and wishing there was a PSO running....LOL

I have some work to do, as my points for yesterday were a little short, but I can assure you, I am still well on my way to my 1800 goal, it might just take some extra work or an extra day.

Good luck on the tables and I'll see you at the Top!!