Well the day started slow with me going out a little past the halfway point in the 1pm tourney. Then the 3pm tourney was a complete shambles, resulting in a loss of over 12 points for the day.I played a little smarter in the 5:30 tourney, just missing the money and gaining back 11 points, and then moved on to the 8pm tourney where hands came slow at first but then got better. With around 400 people to go I caught an AA and jumped up to 17k in chips, played smart throughout the rest of the tourney until my final hand. And then it went like this:

QQ in my hand....guy bets 10k, I raise to 20k, then another guy goes all in. The guy who originally bet raised to 30k, I pushed in for 50k all-in and he called. The hands were flipped revealing my QQ vs 77 vs 99. Flop came out with AA4, the turn came K and I am thinking what a good chip lead I will have. All of a sudden, the pause comes and the river flips.......9. Knocked out of the tourney and ending my day of PSO. Well, I achieved my 30 points with that tourney and time to think about tomorrow.

On a side note, I will be writing an article for PSO starting next week, so I hope all of you will read and enjoy it and you never know, you might just be in it.

Good luck at the tables and I will see you at the top!!!