Well, my day was supposed to be about milestones. I started out going after the Top 10, exceeding 1900 skill level, and my best finish in PSO since I started. I played the 530pm tourney and finished in the money for a great jump up to 1913 and only 1 point behind 10th place. I played and grinde through the 8pm tourney and knew I would lose a couple points, so I debated and chose to play the 10pm tourney. This decision would be my mistake and downfall for the month of October.

Always the cautious player, I played smart, folded some good hands and then it happened. I was on the Big Blind and dealt 99. Nobody raised, so I saw the flop....923...and this is where I made the mistake I was trying to avoid. I threw an all-in bet, and got one caller. The cards flipped and there were my trip 9s, and his pair of Jacks. No proble, I was in the lead, and only had to survive 2 cards and a 16% chance of him hitting. The turn card came a 2, so I had a full house, and the river card turned, and there was the Jack. I was crippled and wound up going out early, getting a big loss of points and having my dream of a Top 10 finish crushed

So, I decided to play a PCA SNG and get qualified for the PCA final. With around 20 people left, I got dealt QQ, I raised, got called, and the flop came 466. I made a small bet, got raised by the short stack and decided to call him, thinking he was trying to steal the chips. The cards flipped and there it was again...my QQ vs his JJ. Once again, two cards and I was safe. First card out, a J.

All of the times I have played JJ and never once have hit trips and barely ever win with it, yet now it has been my downfall intwo straight tournaments, crippling me and costing me money.So, the Poker Gods have struck again, beating me down and bruising me, but I refuse to be broken. I will be back in November and making a run for the TOP of the leaderboard.

Until then, good luck and see you at the tables!!