Well, today was my day to make up some ground. It was my first full day of play in a week because of work and I wanted to make it a good one. I started out in the 10am, made some good moves, some bad moves, and then went out after getting no hands So, I wound up with a -4 point tournament. Moved on to the 1pm tournament and did the same thing, another -4 point tournament. In the 3pm tournament I saw positive ground after grinding again and got less than 1 point.

Then came the score!!! After dropping chips early in the 5:30pm tourney, I climbed my way back up, made a couple good reads for folds, made some good and gutsy calls, and made the money. I decided that with my chip stack I would continue on as far as I could, and skip the 8pm tournament. Next thing I know we are down to 60, then 50, 40, 30, and I could see a final table within reach. I played smart and survived to the final table, and then used lessons I have learned to let others play and gain some places. We got down to 6 and I was short stacked. I didn't let it get to me and next thing I know we are down to 4. A couple hands later, we are at 3, and after an all-in battle between the Top 2, we are down to heads up play. I was way outchipped, so just held on as long as I could and settled for a 2nd place finish and 30 points. After the rankings were released I was in the Top 30 and only 24 points away from the Top 10, so all of this grinding I have been doing has paid off and here I stand, only a couple days away from the end of the month, looking for a good payday.

Once again, to all my friends and players out there, remember, the hare may get to the top, but the tortoise can win out in the end. I hear it so many times from people, how can you just sit there, or I get so bored when there is no action, but I have said over and over again, grind it, grind it, and letthe chips fall where they may.

See you all at the tables!!