Well, I can only play a couple tournaments a day now because of work,,what bad timing!! Got up to 72nd place overall, and now I have to play the best days of poker in just a few tournaments. Got home from work in time for the 8pm tourney tonight with high expectations. I was focused, ready, and willing to play....but there was one problem...can you guess??

Yep, I was card dead. Very marginal to weak hands the whole tournament. The first pair I got was with only 500 people left in the tournament of over 1200. One hour and forty-five minutes of sitting, collecting some of my own blinds, and finally, I get the break I think I need. The blinds were at 125/250 and I am dealt QQ on the button.

 Everybody folds to me,. I raise 3x the BB and the BB calls me. What??? The first hand I get all tourney and the BB calls? The flop comes A47, and He bets out 1300. This will put me all-in, so I debate..did he catch his Ace, a set, somehow two pair?? After much debate, I decide to save my $500 chips and ust get a few more places. Well, the 10pm tourney has started and here I go again. Well, I finally got another hand, JJ, won small with it, and then hit a straight. But uh oh, here come the donks!!

Stay tuned...