Well, I went into the 10am PSO this morning with high hopes, played smart and wound up with an ITM finish. Wonderful, finally over the 1800 hump for the month and still 10 days to go. I wound up playing some very good hands and getting some very helpful flops. Let me tell you, this sitting, relaxing, and analyzing my tournaments has really helped.

Then came the 1pm tourney. I wasn't going to play, but decided that I better take a chance because I have to work for the next 6 days and will have limited playing time. So, I entered, played well for a while, then started missing flops and whittled down to 600 chips. For some reason I went brain dead, and instead of waiting for premium hands, settled for a 66 and went up against a KK. So, I figured the middle finish would drop me about 12 points, so I decided to take a break and try again in the 5:30pm  since that seems to be my best tournament for cashing, don't ask me why.

The new leaderboard came out during the 5:30pm and I was in 91st place. So, I cracked the Top 98, but I knew that I was going to drop because of the bad finish in the 1pm. So, I played smarter and harder than I know how, and I wound up ITM again. Now, don't get me wrong, but as I sat contemplating the 8pm tournament, I really thought about playing, but I got over 20 for the 10am and lost 12 for the noon, so I figured a second 20 point effort was worth stopping for the day. I figure that I will crack the Top 98 once again, and hope that some players drop, which I know they will, as I always track the players ahead of me in the tournament.

So, here I sit at 8pm my time (9pm EST), and at least for now I will be Top 98, I am over 1800, and I can begin strategizing for that final push to the Top 10 without losing my Top 98 status. I am ready for the challenge, and working it around my real job will be tough, but this league has made me tougher and I am ready for anything!!

Once again, good luck at the tables, keep your head up and your cards down, and do well.