PSO is not a sprint. It is a marathon and you have to pace yourself. Day after day I watch players shove and shove, trying to build their chip stacks, trying to push around the tables and thinking they are the best players that Pokerstars has to offer. They think that by doing this they will get win this league and that they will earn the honor of best poker player in the PSO. They are shovers, donks, and freeroll gurus. They do not understand this race. They do not understand the grinding, the thought process, the strategy of this SKILL league. Just like Player of the Year, they do not understand that the marathon is a slow and steady pacing of their being.

After playing the September skill league, seeing the ups and downs some players had, crawling to the 1860 level, I decided that October would be the month I really started this marathon and trained for it. Sitting at small cash tables to build my VPPs, reading the forums, the lessons, and the players, and testing my patience by folding hands that most people would shove with, I have crawled my way into the Top 150, not by playing every tournament, but by using a simple strategy called training. Just like a marathon, the sprint is the last mile or two, which means the last couple days of the league. But before you can sprint for first, you must set yourself up for a chance to win.

So, the question is, do you have the right stuff to be considered the best, or will you settle for being a run of the mill player?