Well, it is now the 15th of the month, just about at the halfway point of the October League, and let me tell you, what a beautiful day it was yesterday. I started in the 10am PSO, and as normal, went out about halfway through. Man I mat have to stop playing those 10ams...lol.

Well the 1pm tourney came and I grinded and grinded, and threw away some monster hands in the beginning, but I wound up cashing and getting 32 points. Finally, 1700s are upon me. Since I was still in the 1pm tournament, I opted out of the 3pm tourney and didn't make it for the 5:30pm tourney either.

Well, here we are, Top 200 and looking for more, so the 8pm tourney was going to be my bright spot. A couple bad beats and dead cards later, and I was looking at a middle of the tourney finish. No panic, I was still going to be above the 1700 mark, and I knew I still had one tourney to go, so 10pm here I came.

Oh my God, I never thought I would be grinding this much. Got down to 600 in chips and started playing survival mode. Watching the number of players going out, I figure it would be another small negative point loss and I would be done. Finally, I got some cards, bluffed a crucial hand, and got my chip stack back up to the original 1500. Then it happened, Pokerstars started showing me good flops on folded hands, and I thought, well, at least I can survive down to positive points.

Well, the luck continued for a while, made it ITM(In the Money for those that don't know), and another 32 point tourney.

So here I sit, 1740 points halfway through the month, and 146th place. I am ready for the challenge of the Top 100, then the Top 10, and I know that I can make the comebacks when needed.

So yes, today is a beautiful day!!