Well, it has been a couple days since I have blogged. I wasn't feeling good last night or this morning so it has been a rough couple of poker days. However, I did cash in the NAPL Rookie and the 1:00 PSO, so I am back to playing and increasing my bankroll. However, I have to make mention of one other thing. People who don't think this is a community, take note. I woke up yesterday morning, opened my PS Account and had $11. Now I know I haven't earned that much, so I looked into it and found it was from a player in the league. I don't know why someone would do this, but it was a very good gesture. I used the money to acquire my Active status for next month and thought about it all day. If more people were this generous, which I am sure there are, we might even see some good in our world, even outside of poker. I said I started playing this league to get noticed, and that is my answer for playing for pennies. Well, someone noticed me and now I will do everything I can to make sure that person knows my appreciation and I will pay it forward to future players when I can. So, remember, your attitude, dedication, and persistence, even for a few pennies, could be noticed by someone and make a difference if not in your life, at least in your day,