I got home from work to find myself in 268th place on the leaderboard. What a great thing to come home to!! Then I played the 1730 PSO and got my best finish ever, 29TH!! I am hoping that will move me up into a comfortable position and then I can continue to relax as I play. This league has taught me patience and I am definitely starting to see an improvement in my game and hand choices. I hope I am able to at least crack the Top 100 by the end of the month, too bad I am not an Active player yet. Well, the new update just came out and I am ranked 148th. I still don't understand this scoring, because with a 29th place finish I scored less than a 142nd place finish, and with 1200 in this tournament I scored less than someone who placed lower in a 800 person tournament, who is ahead of me, even though he got knocked out before me. But hey, I have cracked the Top 200 and I hope to stay there.