What is it that makes us not understand when we should say "no"? How about "stop"? Over the christmas break, I was reflecting on how poker has changed my life. I was pissed off with what I had made of my poker game, and to some extent I still am. But that anger got me thinking.....why? Referring back to my opening question(s), I'm going to talk it out....

I didn't have a concept of when to say to myself, "no, now is not the time to fire up the pokerstars program", and would find myself playing for around 4 hours, loosing about $50 in the process. Not much to loose to many grinders, but that loosing is frustrating to me. Then I started to do the typical "play til I've won it back" mode, loosing more in a shorter time. Whats more frustrating is that I didn't know how to tell myself to stop, go read some coaching or watch a training video.....until now.

I started a new job a few months ago, and after a few pay checks, I decided to deposit enough (what I thought was) to play short stack 50NL. After a few really really good sessions, I thought I was getting the hang of things. I was up $200 in a week! Unreal.....until my lack of bankroll management caught up to me and I lost it all back (then some) within the next week. grrrrrr. So now I realise why people will tell you, the average jo-blo-grinder-ho, that bankroll management starts with playing within your limit. I looked at what these people said again....and, yes, I'm playing waaaay above my bankroll. Its a little hard to grasp that right now, because I find the 10NL games very soft and not as profitable (which is why my recent stats will show 50NL sessions).  I intend to blog here once a week from now on (until I have no bankroll!) so I can keep track of where I'm at, where I was, and for any of my fellow poker school online bloggers to keep up to date on.

I appreciate the different elements of the game way more than I ever have. Today was a humbling day. I lost, yet again, but I did have a small victory that didn't come about from donking some random hand. The old aces vs kings all in pre happened in my last session....glad there was no king spiked on the board!

Anywho, more of my thoughts will come about how I think this game is played and how to get around it, as I'm understanding more and more how to improve my chances of having winning sessions.

thats all for now, see you at the tables

ps...a good strategy for bankroll management....talk to someone you trust about your poker game!