My intentions in blogging about my game these days are more for my records than anything. But I believe sharing is read on if you care

It is almost a year since I started playing online poker. I have gone through many different stlyes of play, learnt what a donk/fish/neeeeewwb is and I will honestly say, I reckon I'm just breaking out of that mold. Like many players, I've dealt withthe frustrations of bad beats (or what we call a bad beat :wink: ), victories in tournies, and learning to play about the ins and outs of the game. What I've noticed over this year is the practical parts of being a successful poker player. I don't need to go on and list those things, because in my opnion, you need to learn these things yourself. Telling others about what it takes doesn't make me or anyone a good or bad player;  to me, its like the "show cards" option when your opponents fold to your re-raise...Its not neccessary but people do it because its THEIR way. That's pretty much my biggest belief about how to play  - how YOU want to. If you want to play the way someone teaches a certain game, play that way. If you chose to use some methods that you learn about a game, play that way. It should only matter how you play when you find yourself constantly loosing/making your ROI % more disgusting to look at (oh....btw....thats a preach to myself haha)

I've taken one persons advice on how I am going to change my negative records. I'm down about 1500 give or take. I didn't start with a huge bankroll, but more like the add 100 here and there and see what I could make of it. I would play games out of my range, and then play games that are total free for alls. Now, based on the advice I was given, I turning my game around by investing my time not playing 4-5 hours a week, but educating myself 4-5 hours a week. I didn't play any online poker in May. That was a big deal for me. I was thinking about it all the time, wondering how to scoop was going, how I may have run deep or whatever! haha, but seriously, it was a learning curve for me to miss out on the opportunity to take part in the SCOOP because I knew where my game was at, I would be lucky to come out with a + ROI. The other part of my game I'm focusing on is investing in a good bankroll....all you who read this, rub your hands together! When I return to the tables seriously, I will be more equipped with the knowledge and understanding I believe it takes to start playing for a profit. I will always be learning. I just failed the MTT quiz for the second time in a week. Thats pretty bad in anyone's opinion (including mine). I'm glad I failed, because it shows me I have more learning to do to understand MTT's. I thought I knew enough, but this just shows I don't. So until I pass (and I'm hoping more than just a pass!), I will be firing up the record live trainings by Dave and now Felix  and any others that are on their because this is my affordable way off learning more about the game.

I wish you all good luck at the tables, and until I'm ready to return, may your sessions be as profitable as I hope mine will be!