I was told once that a person who uses the same mentality to achieve a goal, never achieves it, but goes about using the same mentality every time but expecting to see different results COULD be described as insane. Ahem, I could almost class myself under that "definition". For those of you that are reading this, take a second to look at your last month of play, and see if you have managed to improve on ANY part of it from what you started as. In my last month, I have managed to "plateau" after seeing a reasonable amount of improvement in July. So my post today is more of a goal setting reminder to me, and anyone else who finds themselves in that insane category ^_^ Every time I finish a session, I will look back at how I played. Specifically, I'll be analyzing my last 100 hands to see if I actually managed to stick to my plan. Oh yeh, and its the plan part that I've managed to NOT stick with. Good luck at the tables.....1st PSO skill league tourney of the day starts in 5 mins!! good luck!