So instead of running deep in the qtr million, I ended up winning the first pso tourney of the day. I can honestly say I didn't see that one coming at all. When I surpassed my previous chip count record (228,000 in a big gmae qualifier) I realized I was bound for the final table. Once there I played super tight, not before a sly heckle froma goldstar player able my style :-) the heads up was a bust though. Tunagal had to leave when we were still 4 handed but held over half a mil in chips. Much to "kaylesdads" and my dissappointment, there was no avoiding kaylesdad finishing in third leaving me to blind out the sit out player "tunagal" for the win. So I now know a little bit of what a final table feels like, but until that bigger FT, I'll be still grinding away at the micro stake games.