Tonight I managed to achieve a small goal I set before sitting at a ring up to 100 hands, or double my starting chips. I ended up doubling up around 90 in! Wicked. Except I then went in the 1.10 rebuy thru late rego, and busted pretty early. To say I'm dissappointed wouldn't do me any justice. In retrospect, I don't think it was a smart move to register 40 mins after the starting time....blinds at 75/150. I didn't hit anything, and when my hand was the stronger with the board, I would've had to shove/gamble my way through. It sucks to do so well in freerolls and then not hit a dang in micro buy ins. But all in all, lesson learnt once more, and I know I won't be going in any late registrations from now on. Too much of a gamble!