Hi All PSO'ers,

Well here we are with my quick update and observations.

Days 1 & 2.

Played a couple of PSO games and they've not gone too well, failing quite early while trying to get a foothold in the game:

01/04/2011 17:30 PSO Skill League - Players 1571 - Finish   969 Points -8.33
01/03/2011 20:00 PSO Skill League - Players 1857 - Finish 1577 Points -14.67

Also played Many $0.10 - 360 player, MTT's, again, not fairing too well but more concerning not sticking strictly to my BRM and entering the odd $1.10 MTT in an attempt to race to my Monthly Goal and even staking $0.80 on my old nemesis "the cash tables" ending day 1 & 2 with just $5.61.

Another observation with the above couple of days was I was also playing very tired which I know is a leak I must plug as I reckon I've literally slept Dollars away....I would imagine in the region of -$300+ in the past couple of years.

Day 3.

Got in from work reasonable but feeling tired, so drifted off about 8p.m for 4hours. Woke listening to the cricket (Ashes Series for those that are interested - Well done England 8) ) and feeling a little refreshed thought I'd open a few tables.

Literally played just the 3 tables today but faired much better, playing an 8FPP Rebuy event trying to satellite into the Turbo Takedown finishing in bubble position 3 of 168 but picking up 1000FPPs which I'm sure will come in handy

The only other 2 tables were $0.10 - 360 player MTTs, going out 75th in one but managing to get 4th for $2.80 in the other, leaving my BR after day 3 at  $8.21

In conclusion, I feel the lessons learnt have been positive and hopefully I can use my new gained knowledge of (Not playing tired and strictly sticking to BRM) will mean I have regained my focus and can move forward.

ok, guys and girls, it's time for me to turn in for the night so, as always, I wish you well at the tables and will update you again when I can.

Be Lucky!

Ajay :-D