Hello PSO'ers and a very happy new year to you all!

I've been playing pastime poker for about three years now and it always seems the same... all work and not enough Play!

2011!!! A NEW YEAR and time for that to change!!! (Count the exclamation marks, I'm serious here!!!)

My story is, I'm sure, like very many others; "I don't get time to play enough poker and work gets in the way of time at the tables"

So, I've decided, my goal is to work as much as possible this month to get some funds together and in the meantime I will get practicing with my limited time and bankroll ( $11.38 ) and keep a diciplined and true blog to find out whether I have what it takes to get a bigger piece of that poker pie and move from less work to more play within a year!

My 1st Target: To get bankroll to $50 by the end of the month.
(Tables for this month are mainly going to be $0.10, 360 MTTs & as many PSO events/freerolls I can!)

I will update periodically, just so you know I'm still alive at the felt.

So, wish me luck, take some luck for yourself and I'll see you at the tables!

Ajay :-D