I had Q 8 which I called for value in late position with one caller. The flop came Q 8 Q. my opponent put down a very big bet (500 ish).

I thought about slow playing, but I couldn't work out if I had the nuts or not. Suppose he had K K. Another King on the turn or river would finish me. Fine, it's only 4%. Another Queen just gives me Quads over his full house. But what about another two eights? Does K K 8 8 8 outrank Q Q Q 8 8 ? I suddenly realised I didn;t actually know which hand is higher. I am thinking it must be the trips that get ranked before the kings. Is this right? And if so, did I have the nuts?

If I had the nuts, I should have slow played it, of course and wait for him to bully me all in. In reality, I called all in myself, because of that spectre of 8 8, and of course he folded, winning me only the 500.

Does anyone have a definitive answer?