I’ve been playing tight the whole tourney, and there are still 8 players left. It’s dragging. I raise moderately with KQ and the player on my left raises me half my stack. I know he plays substandard hands (and I’m sure he’s playing one now), and he should know by now that I play tight. So I go all-in. Now, I know that’s a bad idea this early on, but he’s loose. What the hell? He calls! And with what? Sure enough – K9. I shake my head as I wait for the cards. Nothing comes up but a lousy 9. And I’m out. Was it a bad call? I don’t think it was. Statistically, in the long run, KQ is going to beat down K9 how often? 90%? Maybe I should have folded his raise, you say. But fold to K9? I don’t see it.