One player remaining to be knocked out, leaving five of us to divide up the winnings according to our stacks. I’m on the SB and the player on my left is all in, just by putting up the BB. I figure it’s my right to be a beneficiary. So when the player to my right goes all in for about 3 grand after the flop, I read it as a bullying tactic to keep me out of the pot. The original call was a few hundred, nothing to write home about, because I have about 4,000 still in front of me. Now, that player on my right has been bullying to win pots all night, and I have KA now. The flop is already dealt as 10 J Q Rainbow. I have the absolute nuts at this point, and I have to call the guy, so I do. He reveals K Q and the turn and river come Q K. He promotes his highest pair to a full house and demotes me from 2nd place to 5th and my stack is reduced to about 1,500 when it could have been 4,000. I felt like I was being punished for being greedy, but was I wrong to call?