I watched the Multi Table Tournament Basics video because it is too easy to forget how to play in Multi Table Tables tournaments. Lol I get too loose and end up making stupid mistakes so it just brings you back to earth, and hopefully the next one I play I will be a better player and get better results ? This video although titled BASICS is well worth a look because I do not think  I am not the only person who needs reminding on how to play. It is real time training so it gives an insight into how other people think and play ,and we can always learn from other people so give it a look and hopefully you will learn a few things Or remember a few things that maybe you have not learnt or over time have forgotten ? Although some of the plays or comments are not what you might think or expect ? being live it is funny to see the outcome of some of the plays and how people see it at the time.

So enjoy the video and hoprfully it will improve all our game play and remember if you see me on the tables I should be a better player lmao.
Now shuffle up and deal and practice what I've learnt

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