I get along great with my girlfriend usually, but there times were she can be a pain in the ass. An example. Yesterday when I woke up she mentioned she was going to church. It's close to the Sinulog Festival and she attends daily mass for 10 days in a row. She also mentioned it was fiesta in her place.

Every place here has a fiesta to celebrate some Saint or commemorate some special date. It's an excuse to play music full blast, drink yourself in a stupor and then march down the road after a figure of Jesus while trying to be as annoying as possible to passing motorists.

I figured ok, she was going to go to church and then to fiesta. I was messing around all morning and then I'm about to settle down to play poker and she asks when we are going. "To where?, I ask.

Such a noob mistake. Here's a lesson in real life - when a girl tells you about something, what she is really asking you is to do something. But she won't tell you that, you sort of have to Jedi mind-read it. 

Now I have lots of practice in that area and generally catch the drift most times. Sometimes I miss it and WWIII breaks out. So obviously I said no, mistake number 2. There are fewer things more scary than a angry Filipina girlfriend. I still have a scar on my arm from a while ago.... srly. 

Fortunately for me it was raining pretty hard, so no taxis came for over 1 hour. So I was able to fit in 90 minutes of grind time before I said I would go with her. My punishment was to walk in the rain to catch a taxi. Oh and she broke my watering can. Dammit woman! 

This is another lesson in life. No matter who you are and how you want to behave, your girlfriend will pussy-whip in the end. She will be a pain in the ass until you do that something she wants you to do. And it's annoying as hell, so you just do it.

I can't seem to post images, so here is the latest graph.