I want to post pictures of various things and my results. I can't seem to get the image feature to work properly on here. Am I missing something or is it very, very broken? . You will have to use your imagination I guess.

I'm up to 7% ROI EV for the year. Notably for both HU and 3-way, I have EV's close to 10bb/100. I expect that I am running quite hot and this figure will trend down over the upcoming days and weeks.  Unfortunately I think I'm actually down for the year. And that would be totally ok usually, but I haz bills to pay and not much cash available .

I have been thinking a lot about my 3-way playing style. I think I tend to go too nitty at this stage of the game and I 3-bet and opened a bit more than usual today, which seemed to work out well. I am not tending to call as much as I have probably done in the past unless I have a clear indication the villain is very wide. There are a number of reasons for this, but mostly people don't shove wide enough. You can make a big mistake if you call too wide and the vilain is shoving much tighter than you think. 

It is guaranteed that you will showdown, whereas when shoving this is not the case. This is one of the reasons shoving tends to be more profitable. So it's totally ok to pass up on a +EV calling spot if you think there are going to be a lot more profitable shoving spots in the future. 

Also you should keep in mind not to take small edges against fish as keeping them in the game will probably work out nicely in the long-run.

Pay attention to the balances of chips between the other two players. Sometimes you need to decline +EV calls to balance the stacks. The implication for your opponents is that they need much better hands to call your shoves if their stacks are similar size. 

You can use this tactic to totally rape the bubble, but it requires advanced thinking as well as opponents who have some ability to adapt their calling ranges. 

Perhaps I will post some examples if people are intererested.