I put in some effort today. Tbh, it's been quite hard to get back into the swing of poker and I am a little rusty. I stopped at the end of October as I hit 200k VPP and the RB starts to become significantly lower if you do not get to the next milestone.

I've had to start grinding this year at the $7 tables. I want to move up ASAP to the $15s. The primary reason for starting this low this is that moved a significant portion of my bankroll into BTCs. I'm quite excited that last year I also started paying off a property with my girlfriend, who contributes half. We have already paid off about 20% and in due course I plan to come up with the design for the house by myself and then get it drawn up properly by an architect.

I've been a little slow out of the blocks this year, mostly because I am being lazy. But also I have been attempting to broker a multi-million Dollar deal here in the Philippines. My neighbour introduced me to the deal a while ago and we have been negotiating with an Israeli contact here. In the end, we have decided not to enter a partnership with this contact. After speaking to a lawyer, there are several things neither of us are happy about.

Fortunately we have insider knowledge and we know his exclusive contract with a particular company is up in 6 months, which explains why he is here right now. Well that and he is banging some Filipinas that the wife doesn't know about .

So here is the start to the year, nothing too spectacular I'm afraid. In fact I debated posting graphs and figures at all. I think it focuses everyone on very short-term results, which is rather meaningless. In the SNG world, while 1000 games isn't nothing, it's certainly not a very big sample size and you can easily run hot or cold over 5k or even 10k games (even with a decent edge!)