Well it's been almost a month since part 2 so thought it was about time for an update.

At the end of part 2 of creating a bankroll without depositing I was just moving toward the $1 45-man SnGs and had the following:

Bankroll: $52.82

Average Profit: $0.27

ROI: 105%

ITM: 34%

July was a busy month for me outside of poker with the kids on school holidays and a few other life events but managed to fit in some poker where and when I could.

The $1 45-mans were fairly good to me. After just 15 of these SnGs I netted a $36.89 profit which included 3 first, 1 second and 2 sixth place finishes. Despite the good winnings i'm still running under my EV line - go figure lol

Being mainly a tournament / SnG player I decided expand into abit of cash play at 2nl level. I tend to find cash more difficult than tourneys for some reason but still made a small profit at 2nl (got inspired by Artysmokes' 2nl blog - cheers Arty):

Total hands: 6,175

Net Won: $12.27

BB/100: 9.94

W$SD%: 58.3%

I am now at a level to grind $1.50 18-man SnGs and have played 2 of these winning one and min cashing the other.

So summing up:


as above


Average Profit: $0.63c

ROI: 168%

ITM: 35%

Current Bankroll: $103.11

Good luck at the tables