At the end of last year I took a break from poker to focus on my studies. I cashed out my entire bankroll and took a 6-month break from everything poker.


After watching a few training videos etc I got the "bug" back to play poker and decided to make myself a challenge.

With a $0 bankroll and 551 FPPs I have decided to build a bankroll without ever depositing money into my account.

This is where I am at so far:-

First thing i did was enter the 10 FPP $500 tourbo tournament. I cashed in this tournament adding 0.75c to my bankroll.

With this 0.75c i entered two 0.25c 45-man SnGs and a 0.25c 90-man SnG with the following results:

45-man SnG - 1st ($3.23)

45-man SnG - busted before cashing

90-man SnG - 9th ($0.56)

Total bankroll = $3.79

Yesterday, I entered another 10 FPP $500 tourbo but busted before cashing and entered the 33 FPP Saturday Micro Satellite turbo also busting out before the tickets leaving me 498 FPPs. I decided to enter the Sunday Storm 5+ Rebuy FPP satellite, I had to get a few rebuys and took the add-on using 50 FPPs but managed to survive to claim a $11 ticket which I converted into T-Dollars.

So to sum up progress so far:

Initial Bankroll: $0

Initial FPPs: 551

Initial Tournament Dollars: $0

Current Bankroll: $3.79

Current FPPs: 448

Current Tournament Dollars: $11

I plan to use the T -Dollars grinding the 0.25c 45-man SnGs to advance my bankroll. I now have a comfortable 59 buy-ins for this SnG. All going well I will grind the 45-man SnGs until I have $50-$60 then move on to the $1 45-man SnGs.

I am happy to receive any feedback on how to progress my bankroll and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I will continue to update progress once mini-goals have been achieved.