So this month I have decided to try to get my Premier League Ticket by finishing in the top 500 of the PokerSchool Open League...

Started pretty well with the first tournament of the month finishing 146th followed by another couple of "in the points" tournaments and a bad beat 3477th. So after 4 tournaments in 2 days I was placed 49th

From that day I had to take 6 days off poker to go on a fishing trip (which was awesome). When I arrived back I was out of the top 1500 of players. Since then I have been trying to play well and and reclaim some positions and get my goal back on track.

As of today I have managed to climb my way back to 99th and hoping to climb even further still.

This can be a frustrating tournament as alot of players will call with any two cards and often you will be knocked out with premium hands like AA, KK, AK etc by hands that have no business being in the pot in the first place (that's poker I guess).

I then decided to watch some of the players at the top of the leaderboard to see how they dealt with the manics in this tournament and to my suprise they would just let the clock run down each turn until fold and repeat this tactic the whole tournament to finish in the points. Whatever works I guess but it's just not poker, then again those gamblers who call with anything or go all-in with anything aren't playing poker either

Good luck to all those serious about reaching their goal to make the Premier Skill League via the Open Skill League (perhaps the most frustrating tournament on PokerStars), I hope to see you there next month