Today is not going well and am starting to get frustrated playing these beginner tournaments...

First tournament today was sent packing after 21 hands. Had about 20 BBs and I 3x raised preflop in early position with pocket Aces got re-reaised all-in by the player on the button. He showed 85s and hit a 5 on a dry rainbow flop. He turned another 5 and my tournament was over.

Second tournament lasted 20 hands. This time I had about 30 BBs and raised 6x the BB preflop on the button with AKo (raised 6x because of the many limpers). I got one caller and flop came down J6K rainbow. The caller raised the flop and I re-raised all-in and he then called and showed JTo. Turn came down another and another J for him and again I was out.

Hope my luck changes soon as it is getting frustrating that poor poker is often rewarded