As promised here is a small resume about my first session at a cash table, trying to build my bankroll.
After a timid start (I won my very first hand K5s by checking it all through the river against one very passive opponent),
I had to fold the next 15 hands before seizing what I tought was my first real opportunity to play a hand.

And what some big mistakes I made while playing that hand!!!

I'm on the button with As 9h, facing 6 players at the table.
All players in front of me fold their hand, and (first mistake of mine) I went for a call instead of a raise with my holding!
The Small Blind folds and the player in the Big Blind checks.

Flop comes and is Js 4h Qh.
My opponent checks, so I decide to try to steal the pot.
With 0.05€ in the pot, I went for a small bet of 0.02€ trying to act as player that has connected to the flop and that is betting for value.
Surprise! Instead of folding, my opponent raises to 0.04€...And there came my second mistake: I instantly called instead of cleverly folding my hand.
Followed a succession of bets and raises with my opponent at the turn and the river and I finally had to show my trash hand and lose 0.36€
I started the session 10 minutes ago with 2€ and I was already at 1.54€

I have to say I wasn't very proud of myself! I was even quite angry because I had the impression that I wasn't really showing respect for the money granted to me by Poker School for trying to build my fisrt bankroll.
Hopefully, I could calm down very quickly and started analysing the situation...

- The players surrounding me were playing very correctly.
- After that hand, my image at the table was now most probably very poor and most probably they spotted me as a good candidate to increase their own bankroll.

I had to choose between either leave the table or stay and try to take advantage of that poor table image.
So I chosed to stay as I really wanted to play the best poker I can, and that turned out to be the good decision for me.

Despite not having received any monster hand nor very strong hand in the next 69 hands that I played in that session, I could finally leave the table with a good 2.27€ in my pockets!

In fact the best hands that I received were

Believe it or not, most of the money that I earned back was by playing against that opponent that I tried to bluff without success on the hand described above

here is a selection of a few hands that I captured during my fight back:
(no huge drama but a good succession of small pots all going in my direction)

After one hour of intense play I finally left the table.. my brain was overheating and I couldn't concentrate on my game anymore.
I think it was the right decision if I didn't want to loose all that money that I hardly earned back.

But what is encouraging in that session, is that when I want to play correctly, I can earn some decent money with some just decent hands.
Another lesson that I learned today is that it is very easy to lose money when you don't want to listen to what your opponents are telling you, and in that case, there is no one else than you to blame.
For sure I will have to think about that before my next play.