Hi all,

My nickname is emi4173, I'm 37 and I'm coming from belgium.

I registered on PokerStars beginning of this year and I think I can say that at that time, I was just playing an average Poker. I discovered the game early 2007 and played it quite a lot.  As most of the beginners I was mainly playing freeroll tournaments ....on coexisting Poker sites that I'm not going to name here.. 

 From time to time I was a successful player reaching the prize pools regularly, and from time to time I wasn't. But despite looking at my personal statistics I couldn't really understanding why? After a couple of years, I had a long break before I went back to the game here on PokerStars.

I guess I was more playing with my feeling at the table than by sticking to strict rules and discipline...

Today I'm creating this blog having in mind many objectives. The most important of them being that I want to become a much more serious player (but not necessarily a Professional Player), and certainly on the most common Poker game which is Texas Hold'em No Limit.

I also want to a more reactive person and participate to the Poker community by sharing my experiences on my long road to become, I hope, that successful serious player.

And because experience is good for everyone, I also count on this blog to refresh my own memory later on when I will be struggling and having some difficult times, which, for sure I'm going to face.

Last words before closing my first post. I discovered Poker School Online in the month of February, and I was very impressed by the quality of the material provided freely to us!

I already took time to complete the Poker Basics Course and I'm now studying the Cash Game lessons. I have already read all those article twice and recently I received my first Bonus to play on Cash games.

Well, I actually already played my first cash game session ... but that will be the subject of my next Post