It's been awhile since I've written a blog post over here.  I've been busy writing and doing live reporting for Pokernews Canada, as well as developing a new project at  I've loved watchign the explosion of live poker streams over the past couple of years, and with Twitch officially approving of poker as a "game" there have been a number of streams popping up there of people playing poker and doing commentary at the same time.  Perhaps the best known is Jason Somerville's stream, the gold standard in poker streaming (seriously, how DOES that guy go 5 hours on stream with no bathroom break?!?!?!).


But in all the online poker streams that have been popping up at Twitch, from live tours, and elsewhere, what I haven't seen much of are games other than Texas HoldEm.  With the exception of the odd Pot Limit Omaha games, the poker streaming universe seems to be filled with HoldEm.  

Anything but HoldEm

I'd love to change that, as much as I can, and so I started Anything but HoldEm, where, as the title suggests, I play, live on stream (well usually on 3 min delay to annoy snipers), any game that isn't HoldEm.  So far, in seven episodes, I've played razz, badugi, stud H/L, Limit Omaha H/L, HORSE, 8-game, 5-card draw, 2-7, and Courchevel H/L.  As I play, I try to talk through my thinking with each hand, and interact with viewers in the chat box.  So far, it's been a ton of fun with a limited audience.

I'd love to invite everyone at PSO to come by and follow me at Twitch to be notified of when I go online, or follow me @elron6900 at Twitter for updates there.  One time when I'll certainly be on is this coming Sunday, Nov 16, at 18:00 Mountain time, when my first Anything but HoldEm tournament kicks off.  I'll be streaming live on delay from the first cards, till the winner is declared, so come play and watch on stream as well.  This week will be $1.10 Limit Omaha H/L, and the password is the ultra-secure "elron66".  Just search for "elron" in the Tournaments tab of your Pokerstars client (special thanks to Roslyn_akka for setting it up for me!!!).

I hope you'll join me for Anything but HoldEm, a chance to see poker played in all it's myriad varieties.  In fact, I'll even play HoldEm from time to time.  Hope to see you over on Twitch.