Well, it's that time of year again.  It's late November, and I'm in Montreal playing the Playground Poker Fall Classic (for the record, this is Canada ... November is WINTER, not fall), the poker festival around the WPT Montreal event.  My main purpose in coming to Montreal, both this year and last, has been to play the $100 satellite tournaments for the WPT ME.  As I discussed in my wrap-up post on last year's festival, I won a ticket and chose to sell it for a variety of reasons, among them bankroll management and a lack of experience playing at the WPT level..

I don't regret my decision last year in any way ... as I discussed in other posts, it was the right decision for that time.  In many ways, all the same reasons from last year still apply ... the face value of the ticket is still a significant "win" for my live bankroll, and I still have no experience at the WPT level (or even anything close really).

However, I’ve realized a couple of things over the past year.  First, while the face value of the ticket is a significant "win",  the inherent value in getting a shot at an event like this for $200 is a pretty good counter-balance to that argument. Taking the face value is seriously low-balling the full potential value of the ticket.  Second, until I actually play an event like the WPT ME, I won't have any experience playing that kind of event.  It's a catch-22 scenario to not play because I have no experience ... I can never have experience until I play.

As an observant reader may have surmised, I've won another ticket this year and this year, my decision is going to be different.  I'm playing day 1A of the WPT Montreal Main Event on Friday November 29th.  It may well be true that all the reasons I had for selling my ticket last year are still valid but this year, for me, there is one over-riding feeling ... it's time to take that first dip into the shark pool. Even if its just to see what the water is like.  It's hard to imagine a better chance to take a shot at a tournament that's well outside my current bankroll than a ticket like this and I think this year, it's a hand I just can't pass.

So wish me luck - in two days I'll be swimming with the sharks. For real.

See ya on the felt ...