Of course, we all know how valuable the training resources at PSO can be ... if we've been paying attention, those training packages have moved us from rank amateurs to competent players.  The PSO training section is an excellent free resource for honing your game.

But if you are looking for deeper education, especially in live tournament play, the various live streams that have been popping up with major live events in the past few years are hard to beat for value.  There are some key differences between the live streams and what we've all become used to with "poker TV."  First, poker TV is edited such that the viewer never sees all the hands.  Second, poker TV is almost always "cards up" these days, whereas many early live streams are "cards down" in order to preserve the integrity of the game (ie, if there are more than one tables in play, showing cards for a feature table creates a non-level playing field).  Usually, we only see cards-up on a delay on a final table with live streams.

Now, for the casual viewer, cards up is probably the best way to watch poker, but for training purposes, the cards down live streams present a wonderful opportunity.  Without hole cards, the pro commentators who come on are often playing along with the hand, speculating on the kinds of hands that certain moves might represent.  It ends up being something of a fly on the wall scenario watching people play hands in real time, and hearing the expert analysis of the "limited information" situation as it goes.  In short, there's really no better place right now to get "inside the head" of very good poker players.

When you add the Twitter presence that all live streams have these days, it's pretty much like having a "random pro" in your living room discussing the hands with you, in real-time, as they happen.  You'd pay big money for that sort of access to guys like Gus Hanson on stream from the recent FTP Montreal event (we can talk about them now, right??? lol), who recently spent perhaps an hour or more discussing deep blind/ante play comparing values in, for example, a 100/200/25 level where ante-to-BB is 1-8, vs a 250/500/100 level where ante-BB is 1-5.

And Gus in Montreal is just one example.  When you watch ANY live stream, from the 6-week long advanced poker school that is the WSOP live stream in the spring/summer, to the regular EPT live streams at EPTLive, you'll get a pretty constant stream of some of the best poker minds in the world stopping in to offer commentary.  And they answer your questions on Twitter, all for the low low price of $0.  Pretty sure that's +EV.