I suppose it's inevitable ... at some point, EVERY poker player wants to talk about a hand they were involved in.  I've been playing for about a year now, almost exclusively here at PokerStars, and having a pretty good time.  It's a fascinating game, and the learning curve has been an interesting challenge so far.  But one thing seems to be constant and universal in the poker world ... poker players like to talk about hands.

And this was a hand, a hand I shouldn't have even been in, frankly.  I was playing a Hubble NLHE Freeroll.  On the button, I'm holding 94off with a raiser (4BB) in front of me.  Through a horrible example of bad coordination, I accidentally call instead of fold.  Oops ...BB calls in behind me, so it's off to a flop 3-way for a decent sized pot already, with my monster 94off.

But then, we get a flop.  943 rainbow hits the board, and I'm suddenly REALLY glad I'm playing online so the other two guys can't see my happy dance (I find giggling like a schoolgirl at the flop is a bit of a tell in live games).  As if the flop wasn't exciting enough for me, the BB leads out with a 4BB bet, and my giggling increases as the original raiser calls in as well.  I've obviously got choices here, in position ... I can call and try to trap their stacks later in the hand, or I can re-raise all-in and try to get them now.  I opt for the re-raise all-in, and am shocked to see insta-calls from BOTH other players.

When the cards flip over, I can see the flop was literally the perfect "action flop."  BB is in the hand with 34off ... original raiser opened with JJ.  943 on the flop is pretty much guaranteed to get ALL those stacks in, and in this case, that's exactly what happened.  With two blanks on the turn and river, I ended up tripling on a hand I had NO business being in.

I felt bad for the JJ guy for about 2 seconds, though he almost certainly still would have been called by the BB in that situation, and still gotten his pair kicked on the flop.  And let's face it ... the BB was just as bald-ass lucky as I was on that flop (well, OK, slightly less lucky, lol),so I really didn't feel too bad for him at all.

There's no question it was a fun hand to be involved in, but I really have no excuse.  I had NO intention of making a move at that point with that hand, and the only reason I was there was a mis-click pre-flop.  Clearly, if I was making a move there, calling with a 94off is a pretty dumb way to do it lol ... I really have to re-raise or fold that pre-flop to "play it" properly.  But nonetheless, it ended up being one of the funnest hands I've played, though I suspect the other two players may not have had quite as much fun as I did.

See ya on the felt ...