Just signed up to Poker Stars (again... I had accounts before but never really used them.)  Started reading about poker odds etc. on the web yesterday and today decided to start in the PokerStars onlince school.  Reading patiently from the begging.  Step, by, step.

Purchased $20USD of  chips online but don't plan to use them until I have a bit of practive and understanding.  My intention is to MAKE money playing poker, so I'm going to do everything I can to start with an advantage.  I'll be tracking my spending and playing time as well.  In theory, to me this is a waste of time if I am not earning money, with a sufficient return for my time invested.  If on average I am not winning, or am spending alot of time without winnings to rival my employment or other financial endeavours, I'm spending my time in the wrong place.

I like the idea of developing and having a specialized skill.  Of any kind.  It's exciting to me to decided to challenge myself to become an "expert" or highly skilled at something that I find challenging at first.  So why not something that has the possibility of bringing in financial earnings?  I'd like to become a martial arts "expert" too, but for now, being a poker master and earning money by honing my skills by dedicating time and concentrated effort into this game, sounds like a good idea to me.

I won't be tracking the hours I spend learning (e.g. reading the articles on PokerStars online school) for the purpose of calculating my earnings rate, but I suppose I should trak them to know how much time I have spent on this Poker Mastery project I am embarking on.  They say that to become an expert at something you need to spend 10,000 hours doing that thing.  So I guess it would be interesting/useful to track all time spent on my Poker Mastery journey.

Just to make this real let me declare here on my currently private blog, that "Today, I commint and pledge to develop expert poker skills and become a professional poker player.  I am going to commit the time and learn with a disciplined, intent, tenacious and serious attitude, until I can obtain a level of confidence in my game that I can assuredly declare that I am a talented and experienced poker player.  And that I can proudly state that I earn lots of money playing poker!"

Since yesterday I have spent approximately 6 hours reading/studying poker.

PS = 6  (Poker Study)

PP = 0  (Poker Play)

TPT = 6  (Total Poker Time)

TI = $20     TW = $0      TE = -$20     EPH = n/a  EPM = n/a

(Total Invested;  Total Won;  Total Earned;  Earnings per Hour;  Earnings per Month)