It was a few months back when the prime minister of Greece announced the capital controls.

This meant only bad news for my smothered bankroll as now sending money outside Greece was forbidden by law.

Having lost the last remaining open tourneys of the session , I clicked the cashier button and realized to my horror I was down to my last 2 dollars.

"What a great timing", I thought.

But what to do with only 2 dollars?

cash game was out of the question of course (I m not that patient to nourish a playable bankroll from just 2 dollars)

a scheduled tournament was a thought but again I had just finished a session, no joy left for more time consuming tourneys

"Whatever, let's gamble and if I lose no more poker for God knows how much time I guess"  I mumbled. disgruntled and starting to feel sleepy, I opened two 1$ spin n go's with my last funds.

The first spinned to a 4$ prize which was not bad after all, but the real surprise was at the second amount the reels stopped to... 240$ for just 1 dollar. Well...that woke me up!

200 for first and 20 for 2nd and 3rd.

"Even if I lose, at least I ll have an itty bitty bankroll to work with tomorrow" I thought, but then again I was determined not to let that chance go...

With the proper amount of luck and grit I ended up winning both! of the spin n go's and amazingly not only had I risen from busto, but I had "beaten" the capital controls as well...


To be continued...