Well I would like to say thanks to poker school online for helping me with my poker but unfortunateley I cant,because yes it taught me alot but the russian and ukranian DONKEYS passed the test and quickly forgot everything they have learnt!!!!Let me say this is not at all intended to be a racist remark,it is just a fact!!! I mean honestly who in their right mind is going to call an all in of 600k on the button on AA in a £33 UKIPT QUALIFIER with 72 off suit either they are the most fishiest player ever or they have the so called pokerstars hack,and they are a bunch of cheating idiots!!!!! This makes me very sad that these cheats are out there,because I play poker and do not need to cheat.Due to these cheats I have lost over £20,000 online and this is not because i am a bad poker player as in the space of a year I have made over £10,000 in profit (LIVE)  I would just like to say put these DONKEYS on a live table with me and see how they do,because I will take their money!!!! I have played against certain un-named pros and taken plenty of cash off them.so my suggestion is if I ever manage to qualify online for one of the major tournements I have one thing to say to these cheats "BRING IT ON DONKEYS!!! "