This is my 1st post, and I have been registered with the PSO since August. I had always been reluctant to start a blog, I really don't know why. I decided to start one just to keep track of my overall progress within the game of poker. (hence the title of my blog) I wanted to show that the PSO has really improved my game, even though my fellow poker players feel the opposite.
But if i were to keep track of my rankings on a weekly basis,anyone could see that i have improved vastly. In August i was a consistant bottom dweller (consistantly ranked 7000 or lower). But as i continued taking the lessons, my rankings have gone up.
Now in November i am currently ranked in the mid 2000's and see myself climbing, because i have learned to play the game right, and i have learned to play the game smart. Once i start eliminating some minor mistakes, I am confident i can break the top 100.
Good luck to all and have a great day.