In Part One I reviewed the first two hours of this tournament, up to the point where I had just won a pot with my first pair of pocket aces.




The tournament is now well under way, but with still a very long way to go. We have reached level XI with the blinds at 150/300 and a 40 ante.

PokerStars Tournament #849656786, Level XI (150/300) - 2014/04/17 22:37:06 WET
Seat 5: EdinFreeMan (55622 in chips)

My current stack represents a very healthy 185 big blinds. This means I could be patient, but remember there are prizes only for the final table finishers. So I still needed to look for spots to gain chips to maintain and increase my stack. Lets see how I continue.

The blinds are up to 175/350 when I next get a hand I want to play, but it is marginal with AJo in UTG+2

I open for a min-raise to 700, get three calls and flop nicley for top two pairs. I bet 1750 into 3160 and both blinds call once more. The turn card is bad for me, a ten giving QK broadway. The big blind donks in for half-pot and I do call but am not happy. The river is even worse, a Queen putting out four of the straight and giving any King broadway.The hand is checked around and the BB turns over K5 of diamonds. So they bet a gutshot on the turn, hit on the river but did not value bet the nuts.

A few orbits later with no luck I was still going backwards. Then I picked up AA again.

Not a big pot, and neither was my trip aces with AQ a few hands later.

However the next big pot did go my way, despite some pretty bad play on my part.

With the blinds at 250/500 a loose open limper was raised. It was a fairly big raise to 2,790 or 5.58 big blinds. I was on the button with a pretty marginal [pretty to look at AND pretty marginal] hand, JT suited, which I should probably fold here but stubbornly made the call. The blinds both folded and the limper called so we went to the flop three way with a bloated 9,660 pot.

The flop came AdQd2h. Unfortunately my suited JT is hearts not diamonds, so I have a gutshot and a weak back-door hearts flush draw.The original raiser c-bet less than half pot for 3,830. Again I should probably have folded, but stubbornly called along with the third player.The pot was now over 21K.

The turn card was the Jack of spades. I cannot think my third pair hand is good here often but when it checked to me I took a stab for half pot. The original limper called for more than half their remaining chips but the original aggressor folded here. When the single opponent left checked the blank river card so did I, as I could not see them folding any better made hand for their remaining chips.
They turned up two small diamonds for a missed flush draw and I can only be thankful my bad play was less bad than theirs.

Getting my stack up over 70K with that lucky hand paid off even more when three hands later I got pocket aces again, for the third time in all and the second time in two orbits.

I was in early position at UTG+1 but quite happy that the under the gun limped 500 making my 4x raise to 2000 look reasonable for any hand in the range I would raise. It should probably have been a bigger raise, as only three villains were dissuaded from entering the pot and I got 5 calls. Not the best scenario.

The flop was pretty dry, two hearts and a club, nicely matching the suits I held both aces for. And Kh2c8h doesn't hold many fears for my overpair. The first two players checked so I c-bet quite large, just over 2/3 pot at 9K into 13K hoping someone in the crowd had hit the King with a hand like KQ/KJ.

With 22K in the middle following my bet it all went crazy. The player immediately to my left shipped their entire stack of 69K over the top. The next villain tops this shoving over $100K.

It folded to me and I know I tanked a bit here. Was I up against KK or 88 for a set? Or two pairs? Or did they both have a king or hearts flush draws or worse?

Well obviously I called.

That is the kind of thing you will see in these tourneys. Players shipping for 135+ big blinds on the flop with top pair Jack kicker or even middle pair Jack kicker.

Nice one for me though as I had trebled up to a stack of 219K still at 250/500 for over 438BBs.

I added to that with AJ suited that rivered the nut flush which did not get called to showdown.

And some more with TT where I was called on the river by an opponent who mucked 67s.

By the next tournament break the blinds were up to 750/1500 and my stack was 236K.

Tournament #849656786, Level XVIII (750/1500) - 2014/04/17 23:54:51 WET
Seat 2: EdinFreeMan (236357 in chips)

It was now midnight. Three and a half-hours in and although I did not realise it at the time, not yet halfway through the tournament.

The rest will have to wait for future blogs.

Cheers all.

Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan