I could just refer back to my previous Blog post and say 'ditto'.


Which was all about how I KO'd Dave 'The Langolier' from a PSO Series Bounty game. That was way back in January 2014....But I only just gone and done it again.

So the slightly amusing story to append here was that when we reached the FT - Dave predicted in the Live Training chat that I would go on a heater and win the thing. Sadly I only came second - or Silver Medal as we should say for the Winter Games series.

But I DID run pretty good at the FT - and my first PSO Team Bounty was removing Brian 'TOO2COO'

I was surprised to be that far ahead of Brian preflop there - expecting if he called I was probably up against overcards at best. But I held and that gave me the stack to continue.

My next big win came against the eventual winner Chelseaboy

I felt confident I had a chance to really win the thing then. But from there on in it was Chelseaboy who went on a heater - winning hand after hand, busting everyone and ending the tournament with 20 KO's against mine and the Langolier's 4 each.

So I was glad to still have just enough chips to have the Langolier covered when I called my ATo and held v Dave's KQs for the KO.

See you again next month Dave!

Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan