Yes - at long last - I knocked out a PSO Team Member

Not just any PSO Team member either - though they are all tough opponents

But PSO's legendary 'Hitman' 

Dave 'TheLangolier' Roemer

There was a nice preamble to this set up - as during the two hour break I complained in the Live Training room chatbox about never getting to sit at Dave's table - and basically said 'get your stack over here so I can have your bounty'.

Which started a conversation about a supposed grudge match between me and Dave - along with mention of my good run on day 1 of this series and whether the 4 wins from 8 (3 real money 1 play money) that day were greatly influenced by my mainly cheese and cider diet.

Eventually, having lasted long enough to find my way to Dave's table - and make it past the bubble and into the money - which was the last 12 - I had a spot that I hoped would get some action - AJo on the button with Dave sat directly to my left in the small blind.

With Dave posting the small blind and ante he had slipped just below 20BBs.

That pretty much meant if I raised and he wanted to play he was going to ship it - but only if his holding was good enough - and he thought my steal range was wide enough.

Pretty much all the elements were in my favour. I had a hand towards the top of my steal range - Dave had a hand high enough to 3-bet shove against my overall range.

Important to note though - that with these specific hands, Dave still had 40% equity getting all-in preflop.

Luckily my 60/40 edge increased dramatically with an ace high flop and two hearts

With the ten of spades on the turn I remained a huge favourite - but still had to sweat those last 3 Jack outs that gave me two pairs but now completed a gutshot to broadway for Dave - but the river was a blank 4 of clubs

I finished the tourney in 6th place - a nice final table finish - and a very good game to play in.

Unfortunately I will probably miss a lot of games this week - but will get in any I can make.

And I will take just as much pleasure in busting Dave next time I get the opportunity.

Best of luck to all playing these games - play money tournaments don't come tougher than this.