I didn't get to play the 'Red Spade'  tourney myself, because I failed at my one chance to get in through the PSO Satellite, but at least I was given that chance thanks to PSO.

The $55 buy-in was beyond my bankroll, but the chance to play against other PSOers in a Freeroll with affordable $1 rebuys/add-on for a shot at this huge tourney was great value.

I checked out the satellite format and set myself a limit of $11 to play this tourney, or one-fifth of the main game buy-in. It turned out I only used $3, as I did not bust but dropped half my stack at one point. I took an instant rebuy to double my 1,500 chip starting stack up to 3,000, then when I dropped below 1500 I took another single rebuy. At the 30 minute break when the rebuy period ended I had 3,370 chips and added the 2,500 available for my third dollar, for a stack of 5,870 which was not huge but playable.

When the tourney restarted there were 162 seats in the red spade available, 100 added by PSO and the rest paid for by the 2,036 rebuys and 1,384 add-ons invested by players like myself. My position in the field was about 900th of just under 4,000 players remaining from the 6,125 entrants, so there was work to be done and I needed to find a spot or two to chip up. I managed to gain a few more chips and had about 8K at the 200BB level, still 20 times the big blind, but still running behind the ticket spots at around 500th of the 2,270 left in the satty.

So when I pick up AK in the small blind and the UTG player puts in their short stack of 2.5BB I look to get the chips in v them. The table folds round to the player on my right who flats the small all-in raise from the button. Great I think - extra chips in a pot I want to play - I shove to put pressure on the button who might think it is a move and call light -  the BB folds, but the button makes the call.

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

Uh oh - monster time. So much for blockers - I miss my few outs and hit the rail. In fact I come third in this 3-horse race.

For $3 dollars invested and a chance at a major tourney I would be happy to do this again. I railed a few PSOers in the main tourney and am still watching our trainer GarethC23 - first in live training, then continuing to rail his tables (he keeps getting moved) in the pokerstars client. Just watched him get all in on a flop with a set of tens versus a straight, and he rivered another T for the quads - so maybe his bad earlier run is turning around.

Good luck all and thanks to PSO for another great opportunity - lets hope one of our fellow PSOers makes a deep run in this tourney.

Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan